Highfield Investment Group Named Olds College 2022 Partner of the Year

A diversified investment company, Highfield Investment Group began their partnership with Olds College in 2009 supporting student awards and athletics. Highfield Investment Group’s commitment to environmental sustainability led them to expand that partnership to support wetlands research at Olds College.

“We are very pleased to announce that Highfield Investment Group is our 2022 Partner of the Year,” comments Stuart Cullum, President, Olds College. “Olds College shares tremendous alignment with Highfield Investment Group in environmental sustainability and protecting one of our most important resources, water.”

Highfield’s on-going investment is used to support the development of expertise related to monitoring and management of constructed and natural wetlands. Highfield also owns and manages Shuttleworth Conservation Park (previously known as High Plains Industrial Park) near Balzac and provides Olds College with access to the ponds and management team for research and demonstration purposes. The research underway at the Balzac site since 2016  is helping better inform the design and management of runoff ponds to ensure water in these systems meets quality standards for use as industrial water, irrigation, or for recreational purposes.

In addition, Highfield Investment Group and the High Plains Lot Owners Association have invested $10,000 to establish the High Plains Lot Owners Awards.  These awards are valued at $1,000 each and are directed in support of second year Land and Water Diploma Students.

“Highfield is honored to be selected as the Olds College 2022 Partner of the Year. We look forward to strengthening our relationship as we collaboratively study the effects that the constructed and natural wetlands have on storm water,” comments Adrian Munro, President, Highfield Investment Group. “It is our hope that the research will help us develop a greater understanding of how wetlands can be enhanced to protect storm water. Our partnership with Olds College is incredibly important to our organization and we look forward to strengthening our affiliation.”