Oilfield Services

Highfield owns a diverse portfolio of businesses in various industries.  Select Energy Systems is their holding in the oil and gas industry.

Select Energy Systems Inc. was incorporated in 1988, specializing in providing live well and shallow gas coiled tubing completion services. With the head office located in Calgary and field locations across Alberta and Saskatchewan, Select Energy Systems offers an extensive array of services and solutions to the oil and gas industry in Western Canada, United States, and International markets. Through innovative solutions and superior services, Select Energy Systems has earned the reputation as being the leader in coiled tubing completion systems and well optimization.

Select Energy Systems product line has grown from simple coiled tubing wellheads into a variety of standard and specialty systems. Still providing completions for sweet shallow gas, they now offer built-to-suit wellheads for applications such as SAGD (Thermal) and Cold Oil Production. Their sub-surface products have also been included with this growth as well as thermal equipment. With ever-evolving technologies, practices, and requirements, Select Energy Systems is always developing advanced equipment to maintain their reputation as an industry leader.

Select Energy Systems
4215 – 54 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB, T2C 2A2