Property Management

Highfield Investment Group incorporates a unique blend of expertise and experience to provide a turnkey property management solution in Calgary, AB and surrounding areas.

By incorporating all tenancy aspects from daily operations through to lease and financial administration, Highfield takes care of every facet of property management — allowing clients the benefits of effective property administration while freeing up time and budget.

Highfield holds a diverse portfolio of assets under its management including commercial and residential premises in the City of Calgary, industrial properties and development sites in Rocky View Country and a premier stock farm in M.D. Foothills. The Group’s experience in property management is wide-ranging — equipping Highfield to successfully cater to clients’ property administration needs.

The Gallery Complex at Hotel Artsthegallerycomplex

Over 87,000 square feet of commercial space in the lively Beltline District of Calgary. The property adjoins Hotel Arts, which is owned by Highfield and its partners.

Residential Holdingsimg_6059

Highfield manages several residential properties in Calgary as well as those on the Highfield Stock Farm, southeast of Okotoks.

High Plains Industrial Park

Fulfills contract obligations to tenants and lot owners of High Plains Industrial Park, providing maintenance and irrigation services and facilitating the development process through to completion.

High Plains June 2016 edIndustrial Warehouse

Prior to the sale of the investment, Highfield managed the corporate tenancy of the 502,809 square-foot state-of-the-art industrial warehouse co-owned by the Group’s construction division.

High Plains Industrial Park
Residential Holdings
 The Gallery Complex at Hotel Arts